Dacor stud farm was founded by the Bekbossynovs in 1996
in the picturesque foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau near Almaty in

              This is one of the biggest studs in Central Asia. Its main specialization is breeding and preservation of purebred Akhal-Teke horses. Breeding stock of Dacor stud has the best representatives of Akhal-Teke breed of different lines, winners and champions of shows, both acquired from the Akhal-Teke's leading farms and born and raised at the stud.

              The livestock at the stud amounts to over 70 horses, including 12 stallions of Kir Sakar, Skak, Gelishikli, Melekush, Posman, Sere, Kaplan, Arab, State Farm-2 lines and more than 30 mares of different lines.

              Initial base stock consisted of horses from Stavropol and Lugovskoye studs. The very first Akhal-Teke horse and founder of the factory was buckskin mare Mziuri (Mekan-Horsta), born in 1997, of the Karlavach line. But the most important purchase occurred in 2001 when they bought from the Stavropol stud two-time World Champion dark buckskin Salyr, born in 1997 (Gaygysyz-Sania) of Posman line, bay mare Gozel, born in 1997 (Orlan-Garpina) of Gelishikli line, and bay mare Beata, born in 1997 (Polot-2-Basilic) of the State Farm-2 line.

              Purebred, balanced dark buckskin Salyr became the main stallion of Dacor stud and left a galaxy of gorgeous offspring: Junior Champion of Kazakhstan, Gasyr-03 from Gozel, chick isabelline brothers Miras-02 and Mustang-03 and a dark buckskin Mersi-06 from Mziuri, black stallion Dallas-05 from Dilyara, and magnificent mares Guldes-06 from Gozel, Dabys-07 from Dilyara, Gulsary-07 from Gemera 9, Baisaldy-06 from Beata.

              In spring 2002, two mares - gorgeous daughters of early fallen Champion of Russia, black Ashug (Gylkuyruk-Azalia) of Kaplan line - Dilyara-01 from Jakarta and Aladja-01 from Akustika, were bought at Veles stud and delivered to Dacor. Black mare Cordelia-00 from Dialog and Kepderi came in the same horse trailer from distant Kalmykia.

              In 2006, Dacor stud farm acquired wonderful Turkmen mares: Sulgun-02 (Saparhan-Sovgatli) of Perrin line, brown mare Hyundzhi-95 (Galkan-Khvala) of Kaplan line, buckskin stallion Tadzhmahal-01 (Toreli-Mushtari) of Melekush rare line and gray Derby winner from Turkmen - Gozgan-97 (Meget-Gulperi) of Kir Sakar line. In the autumn of that year, two Lugovskoye mares were purchased - a magnificent bay Gemera-9 (Gazyr-Mezen) of Gundogar line with an interesting foal of Arab line, Gibrat-05 from Akhtar, and brown mare Gichka-9 (Galkan-Parcha) of Kaplan line with a splendid mare Gazhap-05 from Aylazat of State Farm-2 line.

              In the winter of 2009, two more horses of the original Turkmen breed were imported from Turkmenistan: palomino stallion Elgush-95 (Erezgala-Gulistan), mare Akaltyn-97 (Karal-Adzhaip) of Karlavach line with buckskin mare Aelita-09 from Elgusha, and gorgeous mare Azhar-05 (Akhal-2-Akaltyn) of Gundogar line.

              Two-time World Champion, "Akhal-Teke white swan" - stallion Pirahmed-99 (Adat-Pampa) of Gelishikli line, dark buckskin stallion Oraz-Polot-06 (Serasker-Ogledzhe) of Sere line, black purebred mare Mulatka-07 (Yazaydym-Margaritka) of Gelishikli line, as well as two-year foals Karabek-08 (Karara-Polyn) of Kaplan line and Yazgym-08 (Yazaydym-Melegozel) of Gelishikli line – they all were brought from Stavropol stud farm immediately after the new year of 2010.

              In 2011, the breeding stock of Dacor stud farm was enlarged by magnificent, well established in the sport stallions: the representative of the rare Skak line – black Montmartre-95 (Marquis-Migba) and black Radzh-99 (Alaman-Rampa) of State Farm-2 line. They also bought a purebred mare Polyana-96 (Orlan-Pervana) of Gelishikli line.

              Every year, at least 20 foals with very interesting and unusual backgrounds are born at the stud. They combine the best Turkmen, Kazakh and Russian blood, and, with no doubt, they will always be winners at shows, in breed rings, and in various equestrian sports. Some of them are always offered for sale.

              Stud farm also gives to athletes a rare opportunity to acquire easy to train Anglo-Tekin horse with amazing moves and high jumps.

We are always happy to see true connoisseurs of this great horse breed.